When a professional driver decides to invest in themselves and become an owner operator, it’s certainly a time to celebrate such a big step forward. Yes, it’s time to take on more risk and responsibility, but in return, you should see more opportunity. Unfortunately, many owner operators never get to experience the “opportunity” part because they partner with the wrong trucking company. The last thing you want is a trucking company who makes you wait for reloads, doesn’t account for rising fuel costs, or whose rates don’t pay the bills.

The single most important choice you can make as an owner operator is partnering with the right carrier. Your trucking company has a certain approach to running their business, and that approach is what determines your eventual success and satisfaction.

When selecting a carrier everyone has different priorities, but usually an owner operator will consider a mix of the following key factors:

  • Earning potential
  • Home time
  • Flexibility
  • Lanes and schedule
  • Corporate culture

All these aspects are almost predetermined by who your carrier is and how they run their business. Once you’ve chosen your carrier, there’s not much else you can do to influence these factors.  It’s important to ask yourself and be truthful: “Is this a trucking company I’m proud to drive for?” or “Does the way they conduct their business stress me out?”

Your carrier is your economic engine, and without the right powertrain, you will find that you have to work really hard to get lackluster results.

Wildwood Transport might be the open-deck trucking opportunity for you

Joining Wildwood Transport is an opportunity to align yourself with a business that places the success of its people ahead of growth or size. Our owner operators need to be profitable. They deserve to see their families and still be profitable. Not only do we understand that, but we know how to make it happen.

As a team of passionate, driven people, we consistently go the extra mile. As a result, we earn the privilege of servicing most of the premium quality customers in the industry, customers that value service, customers where extra care and patience actually matter. We work as partners, and we ensure we are paid a fair price for a premium service. We have our own trucks too, so we understand the cost of doing business, and we treat our owner operators like one of our own.

The other critical component to consistent success is our conservative approach to growth. We do our best to avoid hiring until we absolutely must. We value the success of our current people far more than expanding the size of our fleet. Our success is driven by the quality of our people, not our size, and to deliver quality service consistently, we make sure to support our people with consistent access to high-quality freight.

If you’re interested in this is opportunity to partner with a company that consistently offers premium earning potential, the flexibility to get home when you need to, and a place where it’s easy to be your best, visit our career page and get in touch with us today!